Smell Like You: Why Gender-Free Is The Future Of Fragrance

Christian Dior famously said, “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” But in 2020, the very idea of “a woman’s perfume” is a concept that looks to be on its way out. Not that you’d know it from the fragrance departments of mainstream stores. There, the subliminal, traditional messages around scent still reign supreme. A woman’s should be pretty and floral, with curved rather than angular bottles and “feminine” names – Belle, Daisy, Sweetheart. Conversely, fragrances for men are “harder”, with darker colours, leathery, smoky ingredients and names such as Sauvage and Le Male, conjuring a Bear Grylls type who rescues women from burning buildings and singledom. Sound ridiculous? Not to marketing strategists who have used these familiar societal constructs to make the perfume industry billions. Read more at The Guardian.