by Karen Alberg Grossman

Great news for retailers at the Dallas Men’s Show: the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) is sending 20 fabulous Italian men’s brands to the Show from July 29 –31. Festivities will start with a round-up of these brands at a fashion extravaganza on the first night of the trade event.

Paola Guida is ITA’s Deputy Trade Commissioner and Head of Fashion and Beauty for the agency.
Paola Guida, ITA’s Deputy Trade Commissioner, Head of Fashion and Beauty. Photo by Caroline Fiss.

Says ITA director of Fashion & Beauty, Paola Guida, “It’s important to us that the U.S. market sees firsthand the spirit and depth of menswear products created and produced in Italy. This premier show is the perfect place to celebrate Italy’s craftsmanship, artisanal tradition, heritage, and innovation in new U.S. markets.”

Designers showcasing in Dallas include Altamoda, Arcuri, Artico, Athison, Bencivenga Alta Sartoria, Cleofe Finati, DIS Design Italian Shoes, Italo Ferretti, Jo Ghost, L’Impermeabile, Pashmere, Pasotti, Ploumanac’h, Piero Gabrieli, Salvatore Martorana, Serà Fine Silk, Stefano Cau, Suprema, Tiki Napoli and Vitaliano. They represent the best of relaxed elegance, which is the mood of the moment and always a hallmark of Italian design featuring luxury fabrics and the finest tailoring.

“It’s important to us that the U.S. market sees firsthand the spirit and depth of menswear products created and produced in Italy.” —Paola Guida

La Dolce Vita begins in the buyers lounge with Italian breakfast and aperitivo served each day. MR Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Karen Alberg Grossman will host a trend seminar highlighting the best of Italian Menswear Design. This is the final stop of INSPR ITALIA Innovations in Style, the first-ever fashion “roadshow” that started out in Los Angeles, then Miami, and now concludes in Dallas. The ultimate goal: to attract investment in Italy and expand the number of companies, particularly small and medium-sized ones, operating globally.

Italy is the fourth largest supplier for U.S. imports in the Fashion sector. The U.S. imported $13.34 billion worth of products from Italy in 2022, up +10,4% over 2021, exceeding the value imported in 2019 pre-pandemic ($9 billion) by more than 48%. In 2022, five products accounted for 85% of Italian Fashion exports to the U.S.: footwear (18.2% of the total), apparel (15.8%), goldsmithing/jewelry (20.3%), leather goods (17.4%) and eyewear (12.1%). In 2022, Italy was the top U.S. supplier in leather and furs, eyewear, leather goods and footwear.

Looking forward to seeing you in Dallas! Until then…Ciao!