Luchiano Visconti
by MR Magazine Staff

Luchiano ViscontiFor years, Luchiano Visconti has made its name through its popular woven shirt business. And while that sector is still going extremely strong, the company is expanding its business in many ways, creating new classifications and products that will serve their customer base.

First and foremost, Luchiano Visconti has developed a collection of long- and short-sleeved knit shirts that will be something every man wants to add to his closet! The shirts are all made of European fabrics, and some are 100 percent mercerized with natural stretch ability, making them super-comfortable and versatile. “The knits give retailers a new look to display in buttoned shirts and a chance to sell more short-sleeved models for spring,” says Jeff Simon, the company’s president. “The shirts are also very denim-friendly and will even go great with shorts.”

Along with the new knitwear collection, Luchiano Visconti has developed a great new denim and chino pant collection. The jeans are a classic fit with a tailored look, 5-pocket styling and have stretch in them to emphasize comfort. There are five colors in the jeans and three in the chino pant and both models will come in sizes from 30 to 44 and inseams 30, 32, and 34. In addition, says Simon, the jeans will retail at a price point well below those by “designer” labels.

Luchiano Visconti“Retailers are not only looking for a pant that’s more affordable than what is currently out there, but they are also starting to look for lines that are not available online, sell direct to consumers or can be found in discount stores,” says Simon. “Luchiano Visconti does none of these things; we are keeping the brand clean and will only sell our product to better stores. In fact, we are continually growing the lines based on what retailers need and what can make money for them and us.”

Thinking ahead to fall ’19, Luchiano Visconti is developing a new and exciting sportcoat line to go with the jackets we have been doing in the past. “They will be casual but have a tailored look to them and they will pair beautifully with denim, as well as the sport shirts and a new group of dress shirts that will be an in-stock program,” says Simon. “We will also be developing an in-stock formalwear shirt program hat better menswear stores will love.”

The innovative spirit of the company continues in other ways as well. “We have even developed a private label program for stores that prefer to sell products under their own name,” says Simon. “It’s a very fast-growing area as many stores are looking to put their own identity on the products they sell.”

Finally, reveals Simon, the company is meeting with other vendors that are considering licensing its name for products not currently made by Luchiano Visconti. “Doing this will round out our brand and allow us to grow with many more retailers,” says Simon. “We see a bright future ahead for an expanded Luchiano Visconti.”

Luchiano Visconti