by Stephen Garner

Stantt is hitting the ground running this season with its new trouser program. The first major category launch from the custom shirt brand has seen success in a number of test stores and is ready to debut in more stores for the coming season.

The new program is currently being run in James Davis, Rothmans, Halls, Michael Duru, and Culwell and Sons. Stantt has also conducted trunk shows with the trousers at Hinton and Hinton, Andrew Davis, Larrimors, Davids Limited, John Pickens, and Weiss Goldring. And, according to the brand, the feedback has been great.

Al Leinen of Halls Kansas City said: “The pants program has been a game-changer for our store. The Stantt shirt program has changed our dress shirt business in many ways. Increased our volume with much less inventory.  Similarly, the pant program is very easy to use and very accurate and you receive the pants in less than two weeks. Being one of the first Stantt shirt customers to have the product, I know the best is yet to come for the pants which makes me super excited for the future.”

“Kirk and his team are constantly pushing the envelope on what’s possible in a specialty store,” said Michael Duru of Michael Duru Clothiers. “They are the disruptors of retail, and this new trouser program is no exception.”

“Stantt has reinvented the way we sell shirts and now they have reinvented how we sell PANTS,” added Rob Joyner of James Davis. “The two most important items in selling a pant is fit and fabric, and Stantt has nailed them both.  Like the shirts, there are two measurements that go into the app and it gives the perfect try-on fit!  You can adjust the waist, rise, and seat IF – and a big IF – you need it.  The 2 different leg tapers on each try-on pant is the most incredible way to sell a pant you can imagine. Think about it – the customer can see two different leg fits on one pant.”

And this from Rothmans’ Jim Giddon: “This program is going to revolutionize the pants industry.”

So, how does this new trouser program work? Through an algorithm the company has developed, retailers can find a customer’s size by taking 2 measurements. Like the shirts, there is a try-on set, currently, there are 75 try-on trousers. Once the size is determined, the customer can choose a chino, five-pocket, dress pant, or short in three different fits (tapered, standard, and in-between).

The customer’s inseam is determined from printed tape measures on the back of each try-on trouser, and short inseam is determined from printed 5/7/9/11″ hash markings on the left leg of the try-on. There are a wide range of customization options available including buttons, pleats, cuffs, and monograms. Cloth covers a wide range, including cotton-stretch, wool-stretch, and performance. And, alterations are available and completed in the brand’s factory in Vietnam, including rise, thigh, knee, and ankle. All of this can be done with a turnaround time of 10 days.

Be sure to check out the Stantt at the Chicago Collective if you’re interested.