Stone Fall 2015 Menswear Presentation

by MR Magazine Staff

By Erik DeFruscio

Dana Mason and Dakota Smith have put together a collection that attempts to break the conformity that takes place in day to day life. Specifically, Mason and Smith were moved by the defacto uniforms they noticed on the Singapore subway, each one not much different from the other. Trying to create a new identity, Mason and Smith developed Stone.

Stone-2-200x300 Stone-1-200x300 Stone-3-200x300 Stone-4-200x300

The Fall 2015 Stone collection debuts a simple color palette of camel, gray and navy. Keeping simple in mind, comforting materials were used including washed wools, cashmeres and soft leathers. The construction of the collection was inspirited by the seamless assembly of mid-century modern furniture. Somberness woven through out the collection creates the mood Mason and Smith were looking for.