Study: shopping habits can lead consumers to buy counterfeit shoes

by MR Magazine Staff

Roughly 20% of people recently surveyed said they have bought counterfeit footwear online, and 37% of consumers are indifferent to the problem, according to online intellectual property technology firm Red Points. Among those, 48% started searching for genuine branded product, while 9% were actually looking for counterfeit products, and 35% of those purchasing fake footwear were not aware of it at the time. But about 80% said they were confident in their ability to spot counterfeit footwear. Nearly 70% of those who bought counterfeits were satisfied with the footwear to some extent, and 49% said they would buy the counterfeit shoes if presented with a big enough discount, the study reported. The 61% who said they would purchase shoes through a post on social media are at greater risk than others of being targeted by counterfeiters, Red Points said. Read more at Retail Dive.