Suitember Shopping Event Will Give 10% of Proceeds to Friendship Circle

David Elkus, owner of Baron’s Wholesale Clothiers and Todd’s Menswear, had an idea for an event that gave back to the community. However, he was missing a catchy name.
While driving to Chicago with his daughter Audrey, who is an expert in marketing, Elkus told her about his vision for a celebration of suits — almost a “suit holiday,” he explains. He wanted to create a shopping event that achieved two goals: to help people realize the benefits of wearing suits and to give portions of proceeds to local charities.
For Audrey, the name was a no-brainer. “Suitember,” she told her father.
The name stuck, and Elkus launched Suitember in partnership with men’s suit shops across the country. Now, during the month of September, a portion of proceeds will go back to the community and various organizations as they have for the past three years. Read more at The Detroit Jewish News.