The Sunglasses Every Style Rebel Is Wearing Right Now

by MR Magazine Staff

Biggie’s Versace sunglasses, Michael Jordan’s Jordans, Paul Newman’s biker boots, Steve McQueen’s crewneck sweatshirt, and JFK’s gray suits are all icons in the menswear hall of fame and, as these things go, are knocked off, “referenced,” and mood-boarded by designers again and again. And right now, that’s what’s happening with Kurt Cobain’s white oval shades. This weekend at Coachella, both Pharrell and Takeoff of Migos performed in the white plastic shades. Harry Styles, who is on the brink of releasing his first solo album, has been spotted wearing similar shades since last year. And up-and-coming rapper Playboi Carti has been known to favor Acne Studios’ “Mustang” shades, a design that bears more than a passing resemblance to Cobain’s own. In the 23 years since his death, the Nirvana frontman’s influence on men’s style and grooming nearly rivals his impact on music. The ’90s grunge icon is still influencing the way men and women dress today, particularly right now when ’90s-era silhouettes and styles are turning up on the runways of Paris and in your local H&M. See more at GQ.