by Christopher Blomquist

In response to growing climate concerns caused in part by the fashion industry, the Tencel fiber brand has revitalized the MakeItFeelRight campaign to raise awareness and inspire action to make a change. By pledging to #MakeItFeelRight, consumers help drive the industry toward a more sustainable future and contribute to the reforestation effort.

The campaign has hit new milestones and has partnerships with more than 40 influencers, brands and NGOs around the world. With the help of sustainable influencers and brands, the movement has planted thousands of trees to combat carbon emissions from the fashion industry. Tencel has also begun a partnership with artist Bodil Jane to create unique artwork for the campaign.

The movement has already planted more than 7,500 trees. Together with One Tree Planted, Tencel is providing a pledge certificate to everyone who commits to the cause and will plant a tree in their name.

Tencel has created an exclusive Instagram filter and gift card giveaways from the movement’s brand partners. The movement has already given away thousands of dollars to lucky people who have pledged.

“Carbon emissions are a global problem and as such must have global solutions. As a partner of the #MakeItFeelRight campaign we strongly believe that Tencel’s sustainability initiatives, which are enabled by brands and driven by consumers, are a great way to make a positive impact through reforestation. We encourage more brands to get involved and do their part,” said Diana Chaplin of One Tree Planted

“We have a collective duty to be more responsible with our sustainable fashion choices. Our habits and the way we treat textiles directly impacts the planet. The Tencel brand has already achieved a significant milestone with thousands of trees planted and I would like to acknowledge just how much this campaign has achieved in a short time,” said Harold Weghorst, Global Vice President Marketing & Branding at Lenzing AG, Tencel’s parent company.