The 5 Most Stylish Films of All Time, Ever

by MR Magazine Staff

To call menswear designer Alexander Olch a film buff would be a gross understatement. Olch, perhaps best known for his neckties, once told GQ that he doesn’t own a television. “I watch everything via projector,” he said. In fact, he’s so dedicated to watching things on a big screen that he just opened up his own small movie theater in New York City called The Metrograph, where he’ll screen a curated roster of prestigious films like Vertigo, Enter the Dragon, and the 2015 Japanese musical Office 3D. (It also has a restaurant, two bars, a candy shop, and a bookstore.) To celebrate the opening of the Metrograph, which you can visit starting this weekend, we asked Olch to curate his own list of very stylish movies. Here are the ones that made his list. See them all at GQ.