The Agencies Behind Warby Parker Launch A New Project To Find The Next Great Brand

by MR Magazine Staff

Brand consultancy Derris has worked with Warby Parker, Harry’s, Glossier, and Everlane. Creative and design shop Mythology has also worked with Warby Parker and Harry’s, as well as Allbirds, Away, Peloton, and Casper. Two shops with fingerprints on some of the most successful and popular brands to launch in the 21st century. And now, with this kind of track record, the two have teamed up to launch Project Mercury, a new joint venture aimed at finding the next big brand name to add to that list. “We both sat around the table in the early days of Warby Parker, and both of us have been involved since the beginning at this incredible movement that’s seen the creation of these amazing brands,” says Derris founder Jesse Derris. “For us, we’ve talked about it informally for years. We both have a desire to get closer and closer to the foundation of those brands, to the beginning and development phase of those brands.” Read more at Fast Company.