The best corduroy shirts and jackets will enrich your wardrobe

by MR Magazine Staff

It’s hard to say what’s more omnipresent right now: corduroy or A Star Is Born memes. The former, for its part, has firmly established itself as the definitive trouser fabric for fall. It’s showing up on the backs of our finest leading men and our most talented directors—to say nothing of our greatest living Goldblums. It is, as hyperbolic headlines are fond of saying, Having a Moment. The reasons for that moment are pretty straightforward: corduroy is rich and hardy, warm and reliable, a blue-collar fabric that feels sorta fancy. Deployed in the form of a shirt or a jacket—or, better yet, a shirt jacket—it’s as useful a mid-layer as they come, delivering a subtle hit of texture and elevating everything around it like an André 3000 guest verse. And the very best versions, much like the best A Star Is Born memes, never, ever get old. These are those. See more at GQ.