The Fashion Industry Says It Stands Against Racism. Critics Aren’t Buying It

Charges of hypocrisy have plagued brands since the onset of the protests. On social media, commenters questioned whether the luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo, who declined to comment for this story, could be an ally in the fight against racism when actor Tommy Dorfman accused them of discriminating against trans models and models of color in a recent campaign; or whether LA label Reformation could truly support #BlackLivesMatter when people claiming to be former employees were accusing the brand of workplace racism in the comments (founder Yael Aflalo has apologized and resigned from her post as chief executive officer); or whether Anthropologie could genuinely claim “Our hearts, with yours, are breaking at current events,” as they did in a since-deleted Instagram post, when they’ve been accused of racial profiling their customers — allegations that the brand has denied. Read more at CNN.