The Final Touch

by Harry Sheff

In MR’s January 15th issue, we used our fashion pages to illustrate the diverse definitions of luxury, as described by the retail stars outlined in that issue’s personality profiles. In today’s fast-paced world, is true luxury about creating time to spend with family and friends? Or is it about being able to own the very best, commanding the highest quality and workmanship? For some, it’s just having the money to have the labels that others will recognize. But from a rakish hat and a perfect shoe to a lovely tie—or scarf!—and stylish jewelry, accessories provide the final accent in creating a truly luxurious fashion statement.

Chimaera crew bracelet

Morgan Grays bag

Rapstor watch

Martin Dingman belt

Cubavera hat, from Dorfman-Pacific, with V. Fraas scarf

Tracey Mayer cuff, Breil watch

Tracey Mayer belt and ring, Chimaera crew bracelets

Chimaera crew necklaces

YApres tie, Individualized shirt, Tracey Mayer cufflinks