The Next Generation Of Menswear Designers Might Be On YouTube

by MR Magazine Staff

YouTube has always been a hub for an often-voyeuristic form of conspicuous consumption, but for the diehard devotees of influential designers like Raf Simons and Helmut Lang, there’s now a veritable abundance of channels dedicated to nuanced discussions of niche men’s clothing. Though far from being the most-followed men’s fashion accounts, these channels have slowly built sizable audiences by geeking out over a set of hyper-specific references familiar to anyone who’s put in time lurking on a particularly heated r/streetwear subthread. Unboxings and shopping hauls still abound, but they’re complemented by lengthy commentary on, say, the latest Rick Owens collection or a breathless breakdown of a seminal Margiela show from the ’90s. Read more at Fashionista.