The tie bar co-founder greg shugar acquires beau ties ltd. of vermont

by Stephen Garner
Greg Shugar

Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont, a men’s neckwear and accessories business founded in 1993, was acquired today by Greg Shugar, co-founder of The Tie Bar.

Shugar, who along with his wife Gina, created The Tie Bar in the basement of their home in 2004, sold a majority stake in that business in 2013 after growing it into the best-selling brand of men’s neckwear sold online. Shugar, now 46, looks to have lightning strike twice.

“Beau Ties Ltd. is now in the perfect position for accelerated growth. It has spent years mastering the art of manufacturing its own neckwear onsite in Vermont and building a niche customer base. Hopefully, with me joining as CEO and Creative Director, we can build the company into one of the bigger players in the men’s accessories space,” Shugar explained.

Photo courtesy of Beau Ties Ltd.

“We are thrilled to have Greg join us,” added Lizzie Smith, president of sales at Beau Ties Ltd., who has been with the company since 1999. “His leadership, vision and passion is what this company needs right now to get us into that top tier of direct-to-consumer menswear brands.”

Beau Ties Ltd. is a fully-integrated brand which is sold in department stores and men’s specialty shops around North America as well as online on its website.