by Stephen Garner

During his time at Parsons School of Design, Reuben Oliver founder, Reuben Gladstone, saw a lot of brands drawing inspiration from different cultures around the world and not actually paying homage to them. This inspired him to create a brand that actually did pay homage to something. What resulted was a luxury knitwear brand devoted to celebrating the heritage of Peruvian artisans. Based in Lima, Reuben Oliver aims to share stories of people and places throughout Peru while sourcing sustainable fabrics.

Gladstone says that all of the fabrics used in Reuben Oliver collections are made with natural fibers and recycled materials, authentic to Peruvian heritage. That means no synthetic materials like polyester, which use up nonrenewable resources and release microplastics into the air and water supply. The collection features sweatshirts, ponchos, hoodies, knit button-downs, knit shorts, sweatpants, and caps. Retail prices range from $35 to $170.

Now releasing his third collection, Gladstone tells MR that his label has seen success with the rise of the work from home wardrobe. “Our luxury lounge knit sets are our best sellers, made from pima cotton and alpaca fibers, which are the main sources of exportation in Peru.”

Looking forward, Gladstone is looking to incorporate other techniques and embroidery into his mix. He adds: “One of our initiatives is partnering with different communities in beautiful places like the Amazon and Andean Highlands to collaborate with local artists and craftsmen on embroidery and screen-printing techniques, which we will incorporate in future drops for Reuben Oliver.”