This Is The 1 List That Retail Businesses Want To Avoid

by MR Magazine Staff

Retail signs and displays communicate more about your brand than just what’s on sale. The popular marketing tactic of using “door busters,” “endcaps” and other eye-catching displays to drive purchases can be quite successful, but it can also backfire spectacularly when there are unintended mistakes. While most customers aren’t as astute (or as action-oriented) as the “Grammar Vigilante of Bristol,” who sneaks around at night fixing grammatical errors on U.K. storefront signs, there are still some of us who appreciate a properly-placed apostrophe and the distinction between “compliment” and “complement.” But this isn’t just about grammar. The incongruence of the featured products and the accompanying sign, insensitive connections to religious holidays, and poorly-placed display hangers are all cause for embarrassment. And just like every other facet of customer experience today, every mistake can get magnified with the simple tap of a phone screen and share on social media. Read more at Forbes.