by Karen Alberg Grossman

As the percentage of shopping transacted online continues to grow, it’s hard to imagine that there are still new and innovative ways to digitally connect sellers to shoppers. Meet FA_MUS – a highly intuitive, easy-to-navigate video shopping platform created by former retail exec George Santacroce and his impressive team, including co-founder Jamie Odell, who has developed and deployed mobile and video shopping solutions for Amazon, Netflix, and more. It’s the closest we’ve seen to replicating the in-person shopping experience.

“My focus has always been on the consumer experience,” says Santacroce, who’s held top retail positions at Bergdorf Goodman, Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Bahama, and The Collective in India. “With store visits way down, salespeople spend only 30-40 percent of their time actually selling. This platform enables sellers, and retail teams in marketing and merchandising, to easily interact with customers by creating and presenting videos of new arrivals, customized assortments, specific fashion trends, gift ideas, whatever might generate a revenue stream at that point in time.”

What makes this shopping platform different from others out there? Santacroce offers a convincing list. “Our platform allows consumers to take multiple actions within the video: save or purchase the item in real-time, communicate with the sales associate via text or live video chat in a synchronized video view. In addition, they can share videos, as well as the app itself, with their personal contacts via text message, email or other communication platforms, and act as brand ambassadors, thereby increasing the audience for stores and brands.”

Bottom line, retailers are looking for more exciting ways to engage with their customers and generate revenue. “All interactions between retailer and customer stay within individual asynchronous communication channels,” Santacroce insists. “These channels retain every text message and video that customers have received, enabling them to go back to view and shop from earlier broadcasts. It’s a solution that sits between brick-and-mortar and online, combining livestream and video. It enables retailers to easily create content that can be tagged, viewed, and purchased with a simple tap within the broadcast. How easy is that!”

Santacroce also explains how retailers can co-create content with vendors and use the platform as a marketing network. The data generated from platform activity also serves as an analytics tool, reporting on views, sales associate activity, consumer behavior, etc. “We never wanted to just build ‘a bright shiny object’ and instead focused on developing a business solution enhanced by our technology platform.”

Pilot programs are currently in progress. For a live demo, retailers and brands can contact George Santacroce at


  1. I have known George from his days at Abraham and Strauss when I was working at associated merchandising corporation as the men’s fashion director. he was always an innovative thinker and I am not at all surprised at this new innovation that he has come up with.

    1. Hi Donald
      Thank you for your kind words
      We are very passionate about our Platform and how it can help address and provide new ways to engage with customers and build new revenue
      Love to catch up soon

      1. Yes would definitely like to talk to you I am living almost full time in South Beach and essentially retired although I still do consulting work when they need a dinosaur. M y phone number is 917 797 0257

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