Why Are Today’s Men So Obsessed With Supreme?

by MR Magazine Staff

Out today, new novel Supremacist by NY-based author David Shapiro is an in-depth exploration of the brand (and those who worship it) like you’ve never read before. After the narrator – also named David Shapiro – discovers his girlfriend is cheating on him with a presumably more attractive and far cooler man who works at Supreme, he develops an obsession with the company, spending $15,000 of his inheritance money on what might seem to be pretty useless products. “Every item in the store that I might have wanted, I already had,” he says. “Things I didn’t even like. I didn’t have any control over it.” The book is as much an analysis of Supreme’s position in culture and commerce as it is a story about millennial obsession, insecurity, and ennui. Which makes it sound depressing – but it isn’t, really. Read more at Dazed.