by Stephen Garner

Emerging fashion brand Tombogo is has released “Lost & Found,” a new short-format fashion documentary that follows 27-year-old, LA-based designer Tommy Bogo as he designs and produces his brand’s autumn/winter 2021 runway show for New York Fashion Week all within one month during the pandemic.

Merging together fashion, art, music, and culture, the “Lost & Found” documentary provides an intimate and engaging look at the making of Tombogo’s autumn/winter 2021 collection and features Bogo and his close friends, collaborators, and team members – including notable cast members J Balvin, Angus Cloud, Duckwrth, and Saba. Working closely with this community of creatives, Bogo navigated this project in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s been a challenging year, especially as a young designer helming an emerging brand, and the documentary poignantly captures this band of friends and fellow creatives all in L.A. coming together in moments like this to keep their dreams alive.

From the collection to the runway show’s music, art, casting, and production, the “Lost & Found” presentation was a journey in itself for the young designer. The documentary dives deep into this whirlwind month as Bogo develops what story he wants to tell through the collection for his official NYFW debut, and how he eventually brings his ideas to life.

For the autumn/winter 2021 season, Bogo set out to create a collection that embodies his experiences as a young designer during the past year. Like many of us who felt lost at the beginning of the pandemic, the “Lost & Found” collection contextualizes Bogo’s journey of being lost and finding himself once again. Designed solely by Bogo, “Lost & Found” draws on Bogo’s experiences and reflections from the past year, and captures his personal journey and yearning to feel grounded and stable again.

With limited time, Bogo coordinated the entire fashion week presentation on his own and complete with a star-studded cast, a custom runway set, a soundtrack recorded by the designer, and a range of 19 memorable looks across menswear and womenswear.

Born & raised in Oakland, CA, Bogo has strong ties with many notable Bay Area artists, creatives, and actors such as Angus Cloud, Duckwrth, Saba, Jahlil Nzinga, Teezo Touchdown — all of which volunteered to walk in the runway presentation. The documentary captures the unique stories Bogo has about each of these artists and how they met. “Lost & Found” also explores Bogo’s connection to music and art. Having secretly made all the music himself with a bass line from renowned Bay Area producer Drew Banga, Bogo breaks down his process and inspiration for creating the soundtrack for the runway show.


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