by Stephen Garner

Tommy Hilfiger has debuted the first “Tommy’s Drop Shop” release, featuring three micro-capsules co-designed by three collaborators. Jonny Banger, Mago Dovjenko, and Toby Evans are the first three collaborators for the brand’s newest program platform for creators from all areas of the pop culture community to collaborate on lightning-quick, limited-edition releases.

Each “Drop” will offer gender-neutral hoodies and T-shirts available in a maximum quantity of 500 units per style and made from 100 percent organic cotton or recycled cotton. The release will be available in all European markets exclusively on from December 17th.

“Pop culture has infused everything we’ve done for over 35 years,” said Tommy Hilfiger.  “Tommy’s Drop Shop takes this influence to new heights. The platform allows us to collaborate with even more creatives, tell even more inspiring stories, and celebrate even more perspectives and walks of life. It is the embodiment of what we love to do, and I’m so excited to add it to our legacy.”

Drop 1.1 highlights Sports Banger, the independent, British lifestyle brand redefining bootlegging in the modern age. Founded in 2013 by Jonny Banger, the unisex sportswear line explores British culture and translates it into provocative products and experiences. Sports Banger fosters creative collaboration with an always-expanding collective of designers, performers, musicians, and DJs. In his Tommy’s Drop Shop designs, Banger flips the Tommy Jeans flag on its head; channels an old rave flyer; and reinterprets an iconic Tommy Hilfiger pair of blue and red gloves worn by R&B musician, Aaliyah.

Drop 1.2 is designed by Berlin-based Mago Dovjenko, a creative director, graphic designer, illustrator, digital influencer, and event host. Dovjenko began his career producing surrealist drawings, which were first recognized and esteemed by global brands when he was only 14 years old. Dovjenko still holds the record as the youngest artist to ever collaborate with top global, household-name brands. Today, he continues to partner with major brands in his role as Creative Director and Illustrator. In his Tommy’s Drop Shop pieces, Dovjenko celebrated spontaneous self-expression by ‘freestyling’ in his design process and deconstructing the iconic Tommy Hilfiger flag. His T-shirt and hoodie feature psychedelic and graffiti-style art, including a lava lamp-inspired, oversized smiling heart.

Drop 1.3 styles, designed by London-based Toby Evans, founder of Studio Zome, are inspired by the creative director’s concept-driven work, which spans design, brand identity, and creative direction, championing honest communication, confidence, and conviction. By encapsulating energy, experimentation, and attitude, Evans continues to progress visual culture by exploring the zeitgeist of today while envisioning what is to come tomorrow. Known for his distinctive approach to design, Evans has worked with a range of industry-defying brands, platforms, and artists. In his Tommy’s Drop Shop designs, Evans boldly reinterprets Tommy Hilfiger’s iconic aesthetic and brand codes. His T-shirt and hoodie tell a story of what paths Mr. Tommy Hilfiger may have pursued in a parallel universe, had he not become a fashion designer.

Through Tommy’s Drop Shop, young, upcoming talent will share their passion for specific pockets of creativity. The second Tommy’s Drop Shop micro-capsule will launch in February 2021.