by Karen Alberg Grossman

MR is saddened to report the passing of industry exec Barbara Truncellito, who died last week at her home on Long Beach Island, N.J. Barbara was an incredible human being with a passion for helping others and a lifelong goal of creating a more benevolent world. She was a former senior VP at Macys, she founded and ran the successful fashion industry charity Dignity U Wear (which ultimately became part of Soles for Souls), she was an adjunct professor at Stockton University Continuing Studies, and wrote several books of poetry, poems she would often recite at poetry readings. In recent years, she was also Director of Parish Development at St Francis of Assisi Parish on Long Beach Island. She is most often described by friends as a special person, a dedicated champion for the poor, a doer of good deeds, and even “a saint.”

We can think of no greater tribute to this beautiful soul than showcasing one of her poems, from the book Moonflowers (Fragile Twilight Press, 2001).

Embracing the Dawn

The morning we said good by
Seemed a first day of spring
Although it was winter still
The sun rose
Breaking through the darkness
With a kiss

This is the grace
You helped bring into the world
Touching the hand
Of a patient
Bravely, a nurse
You looked into the face of cancer
A mirror of fear
Yet the reflection
Gave back beauty and hope

Before you left us
You turned one last time
To send the kiss of sunrise