by Stephen Garner

Unisex fashion label Telfar and Ugg unveiled a new on-going partnership on the designer’s Instagram account last night. Together, Ugg and Telfar will unveil a collection in 2021.

In a new campaign, viewers are transported at home with Clemens, where the designer highlights the tactile and sensual side of Ugg, showing the designer in a cross between “a day in the life” bio-short and an ASMR video, providing a sedative sensation from head to toe. In a series of extremely cozy scenarios and environments, Clemens wears the gender-fluid Classic Mini boot while discussing comfort, fashion and his collaboration with Ugg.

“I find Ugg really sexy—a soft kind of rugged,” said Telfar Clemens, founder of his eponymous label Telfar. “I have made unofficial, unauthorized Ugg boots in two shows already dating back to 2010. So, I’ve always been obsessed a certain kind of ubiquity and when something really unique ends up on everybody. What I want to do is get down to the DNA of Ugg and see what genes we have in common. To get down to the core of that feeling.”

“Telfar is exceptional; a true pioneer and visionary and one of the first designers to believe that being unapologetically yourself is sexy,” added Andrea O’Donnell, president of fashion lifestyle at Deckers Brands, Ugg’s parent company. “At Ugg, we believe in the same thing, and that fashion can be real, democratic, and aspirational all at the same time. This collection will be the perfect expression of our shared beliefs.”

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