by Stephen Garner

Following the announcement of the partnership with American brand Telfar and British brand Molly Goddard, Southern California-based lifestyle brand Ugg has unveiled a new limited-edition collaboration with Chinese designer brand Feng Chen Wang. The collaboration will be released for spring/summer 2021.

Meanwhile, Ugg is showcasing Wang’s real life and creative process in “Feel You”, a series that celebrates unapologetic individuality and style by artists, creatives, and activists from all over the globe.

“Even though I had worked on footwear before, this is a new and radically different collaboration that I loved working on,” said Wang. “The clash of cultures, background, and origins of both brands is exactly what makes this partnership interesting and meaningful. We’re excited to see the combination of how our signature functionality and deconstructed design language can play with such an iconic footwear as Ugg in a fresh new way.”

Wang dares to deconstruct all definitions, walk the road she wants to go, and be herself in a comfortable way, whether it is in life or on the creative path.

Wang also brings the enthusiasm of deconstruction into the collaboration this time. Breaking the inherent definition of the season and gender and deconstructing the stereotype that boots are limited in winter, the Ugg x Feng Chen Wang collaboration breathes new life and functionality into Ugg’s most timeless boots. A unique double wear design conveys a true sense of the word “inclusive”, which means this pair of shoes can be worn in December at the same time by someone in Melbourne or in Beijing. Winter boots can be worn in summer. No matter how unbearable winter feels, there’s always within me an invincible summer – it is a motto for Wang to always fight to pursue her dreams and overcome those bumps on the road.