Uniqlo Launches Pick-Up Service At 7-Eleven Stores

by MR Magazine Staff

Do you ever find yourself at the one-stop convenience store 7-Eleven thinking, I’d could really use a pair of skinny jeans with a little extra stretch with this here Slurpee. Well, you’re in luck! The omnipresent Japanese basics brand Uniqlo announced today that on February 16th customers who made purchases online will be able to pick-up their oxford shirts or Heattech layers or lightweight puffer jackets at their local 7-Eleven, reports WWD. The service will be offered at no additional cost and is being piloted at a whopping 5,700 stores in Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Saitma before a wider release. This is all part of Uniqlo’s master plan to be the Google of affordable and stylish (if slightly anodyne) clothing. Read more at Details.