Vans Are Selling Out Thanks To ‘Squid Game’

If you’ve seen Netflix’s hit new show, Squid Game, you’d know that being one of the 456 players isn’t exactly desirable. Still, somehow amidst the gruesome games the utilitarian fashion choices seemed to stand out. So much so, in fact, that fans are buying up clothing that resembles what the players wore so that they, too, can look like they’re competing for a multi-million dollar cash prize. Recent charts show Squid Game sitting atop a number one slot in over 90 countries — a massive win for Netflix, and a serious contender for the biggest show of the year. The South Korean thriller follows a group of players competing in a series of simple childhood games for a prize that’s the American equivalent of nearly $39 million dollars. The twist? You lose a round, you’re eliminated. Quite literally. Read more at Paper.