How Vans Old Skool Became The Most Important Shoe In The World

by MR Magazine Staff

How does a $60 sneaker wind up in the wardrobe of both broke skater kids and the paparazzi-friendly fashion elite? In a time where being stylish — even in streetwear circles — seems to be defined by the notion of owning what others can’t, the Old Skool’s mass appeal feels like a real breath of fresh air, transcending the boundaries of some of fashion’s most sacred, standoffish circles. Part of its widespread popularity lies in how easy it is to get your hands on them. Whether you’re a 19-year-old fashion student or the world’s most iconic rapper, Vans’s iconic silhouette is something you can walk into a shoe store and buy with a standard paycheck. Still, on more than one occasion, it’s bypassed basic retail and made its way onto the runway. Off-White’s spring/summer 17 presentation was the sneaker’s most recent fashion week spot, and it’s still everywhere on the feet of the street style cognoscenti. Read more at i-D.