by John Russel Jones

Discount retailer Walmart announced today that its Global Tech division is hiring more than 5,000 associates globally this fiscal year, adding hubs in Toronto, Ontario, and Atlanta, Georgia. Global Tech is the fastest-growing corporate team at the company, managing the foundational technologies on which customer experiences are built, including cloud, data, enterprise architecture, DevOps, infrastructure and security, as well as an enterprise services organization that develops solutions to help 2.3 million Walmart and Sam’s Club associates work and live better.

“Walmart’s early adoption of technology helped make it one of the world’s best success stories. Technology and our team have changed a lot since Walmart made Universal Product Codes (UPCs) the standard in retail, and developed one of the most sophisticated supply chains and launched satellite communication in the early 1980s,” says Suresh Kumar, EVP, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Development Officer, Walmart Inc.

Atlanta and Toronto were chosen as the retailer’s newest tech hubs because of their growing tech presence, connection to Walmart and broad, diverse talent. Toronto is home to 26% of Canada’s tech workforce. Each year, 25,000 students in the area graduate from STEM-related fields. Walmart Canada is investing $1 billion in technology and other areas such as refurbishing local stores.

Atlanta is a major location for both Walmart and the cybersecurity industry, with growing strengths in software engineering, AI, machine learning and data science. The city’s talent pool is supported by strong local universities with the highest growth of tech graduates in the U.S. The first hiring phase in Atlanta includes 140 new full time associate roles such as data scientists and software engineers.