Watch now: how to reinvent tailored clothing

by Karen Alberg Grossman


Industry executives from various segments of the menswear industry discuss how to revitalize tailored clothing and what will replace the significant volume once generated by suit business. Other topics for discussion will include how men will be dressing post-quarantine; the new executive uniform; and effective marketing and advertising strategies to promote tailored clothing.



Tailored clothing historian and former head of menswear design at Fashion Institute of Technology, where so many name designers got their training.


Owner of M Penner. He follows his dad Morris and both grandfathers into the retail business with a men’s/women’s store in Houston.


From Syd Jerome, a single fabulous flagship store in downtown Chicago founded by Scott’s dad Sid Shapiro in 1958.


From MartinPatrick3, which takes a more eclectic approach to the menswear business at this recognized fashion and design emporium in Minneapolis.


From Harry Rosen stores, 18 iconic menswear stores across Canada, in business for 66 years, founded by Larry’s dad Harry Rosen.


From Mitchells stores, which features six renowned men’s and women’s stores across the U.S. Mitchells in Westport was founded in 1958 by Bob’s grandfather Ed Mitchell.


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  1. Thank you so much Karen for a most informative discussion with some of the finest retailers. I too believe in the “Power of Dressing”, and your thoughts on a more flowy Gentlemen Style is needed now. Specialty shoppes have a huge opportunity as everyone is eager to get back out to shop and dress again, but be prepared with some new creations for Spring/Fall’21. The importance is in buying less, buying better, creative difference, and set value.

  2. Thanks Karen…..It was great to hear all those voices and most every one of them was on point. I especially thought that Bob Michell and Mark Evan Blackman ,if you listened closely , had the best answers to where everyone needs to be heading and how to live with this fashion apparel pause. I look forward to seeing and hearing more of these webinars
    and perhaps focusing on their vendors’ outlook going forward . Thanks for helping to keep “Tailored” relevant !!

  3. Karen, just want to let you and the panel know that it was fantastic listening to everyone’s opinion about the tailored clothing business.
    I definitely think it’s going to be a tough road ahead but with all the great merchants that spoke and their attitudes they will succeed.
    Wishing everyone all the best.
    Stay Safe and healthy during these crazy times.

  4. I have one thought to all my friends in your panel Karen. Many years ago when the suit business was booming, a young designer named Willie Smith made his name coming up with unconstructed sport coats that became a huge business in the beginning to the moderates, however, back in the day Louis Roth was a high end collection in those days, and using their incredibly soft wonderful light weight fabrics, came out with their high end version of unconstructed blazers in highest quality. All the insides were finished incredibly. So even now offered at high end prices, the feeling and vibe of those times of trending unconstructed sport coats and clothing was now available to the upper end better market customers as well. It was a new reason for customers to buy new clothing that looked incredible, felt incredible, and the prices were a bit less then their normal fully constructed clothing prices at that time. All the upper end customers we had at Schlesinger‘s in West New York New Jersey began collecting these new unconstructed sport coats and suits … They became the rage.. No need to buy brands for less, just design unique quality coats that top customers can’t live without.

  5. Thanks Karen! You briefly engaged in a conversation regarding an ad campaign and how the topic comes up every few years. Why not utilize a vehicle like TikTok to show ones experience with a great jacket or outfit on as opposed to just jeans and a t-shirt. Someone being escorted though the “velvet ropes” to the best seat in the house compared to someone that ends up sitting by the waiter station. I find it hard to believe that with all the talented personas in the industry that we couldn’t pool together and make a push again.

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