Weaknesses In Amazon Prime Leave Openings For Rivals

by MR Magazine Staff

Even Prime members have their reasons for not shopping at Amazon, according to research from behavioral marketing platform SmarterHQ, leaving opportunities for rivals to exploit. Above all, a massive 82% of Amazon Prime members would cancel their membership without free two-day shipping, according to a report released last week. There are other weaknesses, according to the report. For one, Amazon isn’t much of a discovery playground: More than half (57%) of buyers on Amazon are looking for a specific product, and 63% of all shoppers go onto Amazon’s site knowing what they want. A quarter of the time they’re buying name-brand items, the research found. Most Amazon shoppers are sticking to a limited number of categories, SmarterHQ also found. Between 37% and 57% buy electronics, books, movies and leisure products like toys and hobby items. Most chose not to purchase products above $200 on Amazon, according to the study. Read more at Retail Dive.