Retailers’ Secret Weapon This Holiday Season (It’s Not an App)

by MR Magazine Staff

Going shopping is not what it used to be. U.S. retail businesses have shed 107,000 jobs since the start of the year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Merchants of all stripes face pressure from changing consumer behavior, the relentless expansion of Amazon, and other massive companies targeting their markets. “Retail doesn’t get a lot of love right now, and it’s an open question what this sector will look like 10 years from now,” said Marcus Erb, associate vice president at Great Place to Work. “Retailers really need to drill down to find what their greatest strengths are. Often, it’s their people.” When Great Place to Work and Fortune recently released their annual list of the Best Workplaces in Retail, further analysis found that coworkers can become vital and enthusiastic ambassadors for their employers’ brands. Word of mouth is as powerful as ever, and few have more to say than a company’s team members. At the Best Workplaces, 90% of surveyed employees said they’re proud to tell others where they work. The same share also said they deliver excellent customer service. Read more at Fortune.