Welcome To The Season Finale Of Streetwear

Streetwear, like New York, has died a thousand deaths and come back to laugh at the many eulogies written about its demise. The latest “New York is Over” missive to go viral happens to be a LinkedIn post written by James Altucher. First: The worst kind of viral is “LinkedIn viral,” which hits about the same as the Nada Surf lyric “my mom says I’m a catch.” Second: The last person I’m going to take “culture” advice from is someone who frequents comedy clubs and is best described as a swagless Malcolm Gladwell. As Bobby Hundreds wrote last year in one of the more recent epitaphs for the culture: “Streetwear dies every night, but it is subsequently reborn and renewed by the morning.” So no, streetwear certainly isn’t over. But clearly, we’re seeing some narratives being tied up in a bow while being left with new questions to ask. That sounds more like the persistent, addictive nature of binge-worthy television rather than a final nail in the coffin. Read more at Highsnobiety.