What Does It Mean To “Look Rich?”

by MR Magazine Staff

For several seasons, the biggest luxury designers on the planet—from Demna Gvasalia to Virgil Abloh to Miuccia Prada—have pulled from the workwear of the middle- and working classes, turning blue-collar staples like chore coats and cotton-canvas pants into the uniform of the elite. Even Gucci has embraced a kind of bric-a-brac attitude, with its models walking the line between an exquisite pile of thrifted jackets and textiles dug out of grandmother’s attic, and that “I just paid $10,000 for my outfit” glimmer. The rich may be different from the proverbial you and me, as F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, but for a while, it seemed they wanted to dress like the rest of us. Naturally, this season brought an unexpected shift: a number of designers cited the rich as their inspiration. Forget eating the rich. The rich are now eating themselves. Read more at GQ.