What Happened To New York Fashion Week: Men’s?

For reasons that need no explaining, the Council of Fashion Designers of America was forced to postpone this summer’s season of New York Fashion Week: Men’s. And almost immediately after their announcement in March, NYFWM simply fell off the map. No one seems to have noticed that there’s yet to have been an update, nor that technically, NYFWM is already back up and running as of this week, hiding in plain sight. While a few menswear designers made it onto the official spring 2021 calendar, the only mention of the word “men’s” is New York Men’s Day, which is neither a week (or the industry’s loose interpretation of one) nor a day. It’s a two-hour showcase of 10 designers, and it didn’t even get first billing. It’s not unusual for Men’s Day, which is run independently by Agentry PR, to come through, and Men’s Week to not. But that wasn’t always the case. The first year or two of NYFWM was something of a hit, with dozens of designers and headliners like Hugo Boss, Public School, and, most notably, Raf Simons. So what happened? Why have the men’s shows faded into relative obscurity? And what will become of them? Here, we’ve spoken to those running the two men’s weeks and sideline experts for an explainer. Read more at W.