Who Needs A Mutual Fund When You Can Invest In Sneakers?

There is a sneaker drop of mammoth proportions on the horizon. The shoe in question has what you’d call serious provenance: on offer is a pair of player-exclusive and star-spangled Kobe Bryant 2s…that the late Lakers star gifted to LeBron James…who wore them in a high school game…against 18-year-old Carmelo Anthony. That ownership history was enough for the shoes to sell for $156,000 at auction last month. They’re now back on the market, but with something of a twist. When they go up for sale—later this spring, on an app called Rally—there’s a good chance you can be the owner of these historically significant shoes. Or at least a proud owner of a small, metaphorical piece of them. That’s because Rally was the proud purchaser of those shoes at auction—and because Rally is a platform that allows people like you and me to invest in partial shares of high-value stuff. Read more at GQ.