Will spring 2014 be stronger?

by Steve Pruitt

AsktheExpertsQ: I’m in the middle of planning my spring buys, after a spotty season this year. Given that the economy is improving, do you expect spring 2014 to be stronger?

A: Even though that is a long time from now, we do look forward to steady business in spring 2014, assuming the following: 1. There are no “Black Swan” events. 2. The Fed doesn’t make any abrupt moves. 3. There is great fashion to buy.

This season was okay even though there were hurdles, such as tax increases, fear of government shutdowns, and lousy weather. But even despite all this, the season played out the way we thought it would.

My best advice is to buy great merchandise, tune up your analytics, and focus on training your sales staff. If you move forward with these items, business will be positive.