The Woolmark Company Is Eyeing Generation Z, Plans On Calling Out “Bad Guys” Over Pollution In 2017

by MR Magazine Staff

As part of its 2017 marketing strategies, The Woolmark Company will highlight the environmental impact wool has, compared to other fibers. Through these marketing initiatives, the company plans on calling out “the bad guys”. “Generation Y and Generation Z care,” McCullough says. Continuing, “It’s about telling the truth. Don’t say you’re very good up to a certain point in the cycle – but when it’s out of sight it’s out of mind. It’s not, as you’re leaving waste in the soil. We’re going to start talking up the whole truth, ‘cause the end of the cycle is important. It’s that little bit at the end which differentiates wool from the rest, such as polyester. As far as wool is concerned, there’s very little chlorine use, it doesn’t require huge amounts of water and it’s a pretty clean process throughout the whole supply chain. Right now influencing Generation Z – as they’re about to make some cash – is a big deal. It’s something we’re very conscious of and we’re being reasonably successful with it. But there’s still a way to go.” Read more at Forbes.