Would You Wear CBD-Infused Activewear To Work Out?

by MR Magazine Staff

Since January, I’ve had a certain article bookmarked on my work computer about a Belgian specialty chemical firm, Devan Chemicals, that added CBD to its health and wellness textiles solutions portfolio. While the company aims to have the micro-encapsulated active ingredient applied towards sleepwear garments and beddings, I knew that it would only be a matter of time for it to be incorporated into clothing, too. Until then, I patiently waited for the inevitable PR pitch to arrive in my inbox. Nearly eight months later, I finally did receive that pitch from a new activewear brand named Acabada. CEO and co-founder Seth Baum had actually read the very same article, and with more than 30 years of experience building brands in the apparel space, he wanted to create something entirely forward-thinking and “really built for tomorrow, not yesterday,” he tells Fashionista. “And it was really that moment the light bulb went off. If we can figure out a way to put [CBD] into activewear, wouldn’t that be an amazing idea?” Read more at Fashionista.