by Stephen Garner

E-commerce site Yoox has launched a new space dedicated to its Generation Z customer.

Called “HI GUY_Z!,” the new space a place where GenZers can express themselves and feel at home. Conceived as a real concept store, the platform serves as a moodboard made up of images, suggestions, and words from which Gen Zers can be inspired to express the culture and values in an authentic and real way.

Introduced by a video manifesto of the area that shows the GenZer in their uniqueness and spontaneity: created with the contents created by the selected TikTokers, alternating with images and videos with street-casting models, this video gives voice to their emotions and principles they strongly believe in. For the launch of this new section, the YOU SAY COLORS! column is also planned to feature the Bawar Sisters. The twins Lara and Mara, together with their sister Sheila, play in the streets of São Paulo and unleash their creativity in an explosion of colors, energy, and love.

There are elements taken from texting – iconic for a generation that was born digital and always connected – along with slogans and statements that best represent their ideas and values.

Within the section, presented with a unique style, the products are designed specifically for the youngest, to help them refine their wardrobe and find everything they are looking for within Yoox’s selections. The area will be the ideal playground for new collaborations, new inspirations, and style experiments, with the aim of bringing the world of Yoox closer to the new generations.