Zimmer and Norris Win Men’s Wearhouse Bowling Honors

by MR Magazine Staff

LAS VEGAS — Jim Zimmer and Scott Norris were the individual winners at the Men’s Wearhouse, KG bowling tournament at Suncoast Lanes Tuesday night. Excitement ran high as teams competed in the grueling competition among tailored clothing execs and retailers. Jeff Weintraub and Joe Gordon of George Weintraub and Paul Diamond of Jack Victor had to drop out before the finish with injuries, marking down their scores and increasing the margin of victory for the buff Men’s Wearhouse athletes. The Peerless team did manage to grab overall team honors as their vendor colleagues lagged behind.

Jim Zimmer of Men’s Wearhouse had a combined 2-game score of 351 to lead the pack and Scott Norris rolled a 190 to propel the retailers of Men’s Wearhouse to victory.

The Peerless Team had the big names that rolled up impressive numbers