The 14-Year-Olds Spending Thousands On Streetwear

by MR Magazine Staff

It’s 11AM on a Saturday morning and roughly 200 people are lined up outside London’s Dover Street Market. One guy, Colin, has been here since 3AM. He jumped on a train in the middle of the night and waited eight hours for a very specific reason: Gosha Rubchinskiy. “Gosha is one of my favourite designers,” he says, referring to the 32-year-old behind fashion’s current obsession with post-Soviet style. Born in Moscow, the designer takes inspiration from, and documents, Russia’s youth culture. “I’ve always loved sport, and Gosha’s designs cater to that,” continues Colin. “He mixes the skate scene, streetwear and high fashion together.” It’s also probably worth mentioning at this point that Colin is 14. Four years off being legally allowed to vote in this country, he’s dressed in a two-toned Supreme velour tracksuit (retail: £380) and is alarmingly articulate about his fashion likes and, notably, dislikes. “I don’t rate [British skate label] Palace any more,” he says matter-of-factly. “The designs are cool but they’re a bit repetitive.” Read more at Vice.