22/4 Hommes
by Stephen Garner

22/4 HommesClean lines and jaunty stripes meet the classic tailoring of 22/4 Hommes with the elegance of the sea in its playful new spring/summer collection.

Nautical notions like eyelets, cords, draw the eye once more to the designer’s signature attention to detail. Graphic design elements, such as the exclusively in-house designed seahorse logo printed on silk and light shirting cotton, bring a touch of whimsy and sentimentality to the collection, recollecting the early swim experience of a German childhood.

Striped textiles of day looks evoke the images of beach chairs, umbrellas and towels, while the sparkling and shining details of evening pieces reflect the appearance of light dancing on the surface of the water.

22/4 HommesA seaside palette of blues and whites welcomes the eye with a fresh feeling of summer and the stirring motion of ocean meeting sky. Atlantic blue, azure, navy, dark blue and turquoise represent the swirling waters paired with classic beach tones like bright white, sand, spindrift white and pearl.

Pops of green in seagrass shades provide a surprising earthiness, contrasted by prints and palettes to conjure the shimmering world under the waves. The materials for this season are all about warm weather and beach memories, integrating top-quality textiles like light Italian tropical wool, viscose wool blends, lurex, Italian light and heavy cotton, and silk.

“I wanted to utilize the intermix of textiles and color in this collection to accentuate and encapsulate the playfulness of a summer holiday,” said designer Stephanie Hahn. “It’s about nostalgia, it’s about the beach, but it’s about elegance, too.”

22/4 Hommes