3x1 Joe Doucet
by Stephen Garner

3x1 Joe DoucetPremiering for NYCxDesign 2018, luxury denim brand 3×1 has teamed up with award-winning and internationally renowned industrial designer Joe Doucet to create a pair of jeans reimagined for the 21st century man and woman.

Crafted in a 12 oz. stretch selvedge denim from Kurabo, Japan, the jean employs simple yet impactful finishes: microfiber pockets, to clean and protect one’s devices, a slightly larger coin pocket to accommodate credit cards, lined with RFID blocking fabric, and a 3M singular reflective black 8” strip that runs down the center back leg for extreme reflection while commuting in low light.

“The catalyst for the invention of the 3×1 | Joe Doucet jean was to address the basic fact that, the classic 5-pocket jean we all know, and love is really a piece of 19th-century technology designed for workmen,” explained Doucet, winner of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for 2017. “Rather than focusing on making aesthetic changes, I wanted to update the technology to accommodate how we work and live today.”

“The subtle changes Joe incorporated make a huge difference,” added Scott Morrison, founder of 3×1. “At 3×1 our central focus has always been to invite people into the jean making process in our SoHo atelier, and give them the opportunity to make something completely unique; together we have been able to create something that is more than just a jean it is a utility.”

The jean was modeled after 3×1’s best-selling M3 fit for men and WM3 for women, with both styles retailing for $395 and will be sold exclusively at the 3×1 store, located at 15 Mercer St., in SoHo, NYC and online at 3x1denim.com. As part of 3×1’s Custom Made Program, patrons will be able to add the 3×1 | Joe Doucet Custom Made Package to any custom pair for the price of $750.