A Former Louis Vuitton Model Found Guilty Of Murdering Fellow Male Model

by MR Magazine Staff

British fashion model George Koh was found guilty of murdering fellow male model Harry Uzoka in a London courtroom Monday afternoon, the Associated Press reports. Koh, a former Louis Vuitton model, was arrested in January along with two others for stabbing Uzoka in the heart during a heated argument allegedly fueled by Koh’s jealousy over Uzoka’s successful career. The initial confrontation between Koh and Uzoka, according to Yahoo Lifestyle, started on social media. The two British models were trading insults back and forth, with Uzoka at one point calling Koh “fake” and accusing him of “copying him.” In court, lawyers shared another message from Uzoka directed at Koh: “Leave my name out of your mouth, it’s that simple, I’ve never spoken bad of you in any way, so this is wild,” Uzoka wrote. Read more at Teen Vogue.