Adsum fall/winter 2021 collection
by Stephen Garner

Adsum has released the first drop of its fall/winter 2021 collection. This season, the Brooklyn-based menswear brand is finding its inspiration in the rugged terrain and staid spirit of Maine, USA.

“Mainers live in the heart of one of the most wild and beautiful parts of the United States,” explains Adsum co-founder, Pete Macnee. “In some areas there exists the type of remoteness that makes you feel like you’re at the edge of the earth. But there are also bustling towns and cities that produce beer, writing, and architecture that we have come to love. The people of Maine embody the ethos of the Northeast: hardworking, no fuss, sometimes bluntly honest but with a deep appreciation of the things that make us human, like the love of our land, understanding the ups and downs of the different seasons, and the will to enjoy the things that most people view as hardships.”

Standout styles this season include the Quilted Snap Front Jacket, a reversible quilted jacket with a water-repellant outer fabric and recycled fill insulation; Adsum’s first sweatpant, which is made from the same heavyweight fleece as its customer-favorite hoodies; the Nordic Crewneck Sweater, a heavy wool crewneck sweater made from Responsible Wool Standard certified wool; Merino Crewneck sweaters made from moisture-wicking merino wool; and new autumn-inspired colors of Adsum’s best-selling Rugby Shirts, which are made in Canada by a company that’s been producing field-quality rugbys for over 40 years.

“Our color palette this season includes burnt umbers, dark greens, and earth hues, with the occasional pop of vivid red and orange, mimicking the transition of the leaves in the Northeast,” added Macnee. “For our Merino Crewnecks, the individual panels of the sweater are knit and then linked together by hand. Since the pieces are knitted together at the seams, we reduce fabric consumption and minimize waste.  And our Nordic Sweaters are made from wool that’s certified by the Responsible Wool Standard, which safeguards both the welfare of the sheep and the land they graze on. We’re also using recycled fill for the Quilted Snap Front Jacket. Along with paying homage to the natural world, we’re also trying to lessen our impact on it.”

The first drop is now available at and select global retailers.