by Stephen Garner

With disasters increasing in frequency and intensity, Los Angeles-based fashion brand AG Jeans is supporting the American Red Cross with a $500,000 matching donation. The generous gift aims to bring awareness to the ongoing need for disaster relief, the assistance given to disaster survivors, and the preparation taught to communities for future emergencies.

The Red Cross responds to more than 60,000 disasters across the country every year, providing shelter, food, relief supplies, and emotional support to people in need. During the past year, on top of the coronavirus pandemic, disasters overwhelmed families who spent more nights in emergency lodging — nearly 1.5 million — than any other year during the past decade.

“There is no longer a disaster season. Facing wildfires and hurricanes has become a daily reality,” said Joanne Nowlin, CEO of the American Red Cross Los Angeles. “Helping people during disasters is at the heart of our mission. We urge people to prepare now and be ready if an emergency occurs in their home or in our community. Keep your loved ones safe — get Red Cross Ready today.”

At the height of what has been the most intense wildfire season and a summer that has set new heat records and brought massive hurricanes, the Red Cross is looking forward to partnering with AG Jeans on this transformative awareness campaign. Through the $500,000 matching gift, they hope to bring awareness to the urgent need for disaster relief, ultimately bringing $1 million in assistance to those who have been impacted.

 “It’s a life-long goal to be able to impact this environment that we all share,” added Yul Ku, founder and CEO of AG Jeans. Whether it’s pushing industries to reduce manufacturing’s environmental footprint, being a steward for social equality, or providing economic aid to causes and efforts in critical moments, we all need to work together.  I am honored and humbled to partner with the American Red Cross in their efforts to lend aid to those tragically affected.”

Anyone can support this effort online at or by visiting the AG Jeans website and clicking on the American Red Cross donation banner. Donations made to disaster relief support the Red Cross Disaster Relief, which immediately responding to disaster by establishing housing, creating a safe space for those affected, and providing food and water. In addition to addressing immediate needs, gifts such as this enable the Red Cross to help communities prepare for and recover from disasters, big and small.

For more information on what to do before, during, and after a disaster please download the Red Cross Emergency App on your smart phone.