by Stephen Garner

Agave DenimKnown for its relaxed casual women’s clothing, Los Angeles-based manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer XCVI LLC has acquired Agave Denim for an undisclosed sum. Effective immediately, XCVI will be designing, manufacturing and distributing Agave products worldwide. Agave’s founder, Jeff Shafer, will remain the brand’s creative director.

The deal excluded Shafer’s other denim line, Bluer Denim, which opened its first retail location this past June in Portland, Oregon.

“In building the Agave brand, it has always been integral for me to manufacture the product in an ethical and sustainable way,” said Shafer. “I am honored to share this vision with the entire team at XCVI.”

“We are delighted to welcome AGAVE to XCVI’s distinguished portfolio,” added Alon Zeltzer, XCVI’s chief executive. “With a 20-year history of authentic California design, we share a passion for brand building with an updated approach that will refine this timeless classic.”

With over 20 years of manufacturing experience and success, today XCVI LLC also offers full package design-through-production options to high profile clients, including Ralph Lauren, Guess Inc, Rag and Bone, True Religion, NYDJ, and New Balance to name a few.


  1. Was once a retailer of agave until i saw it in discounters now good we got out early with investment groups buying clothing lines they go straight to TJ Maxx and marshals.

    1. Buyer Beware:

      Agave Denim or Surf Cowboy, or whatever they are calling themselves this week, is run by a ne’er-do-well named Jeff Shafer, or Jeph Szafir, or whatever he is calling himself this week. For the record, Monsieur Szafir owes tens of thousands of dollars to both vendors and staffers who worked for this shyster. Despite owing so many people so much money, Jeff and his wife take their family on lavish Hawaiian vacations, essentially spending the money that belongs to so many other kind and otherwise hardworking individuals. The Shafer kids are enjoying expensive educations because Mr. and Mrs. Shafer shamefully spend money that belongs to others. Their entitled behavior amounts to nothing less than grand theft.

      And so, Mr. Zeltzer, while Mr. Szafir (or Shafer, or whatever) states that he likes to manufacture product “… in an ethical and sustainable way…”, truth be told he has never run a business in an ethical and sustainable way. Just ask around the garment industry and you will not have to go far to find many people that have been burned by Jeff Shafer (or Szafir, or whatever he calls himself in attempt to keep from being sued).

      Good luck, Mr. Zeltzer – by purchasing Agave (or Surf Cowboy, or whatever) and doing business with Jeff Shafer, you have made a huge mistake of epic proportion. To be sure, the social media backlash will be severe and unrelenting.

      Consider yourself warned

  2. This is really too bad. Another good American-made product down the toilet. For several years, I have bought only Agave women’s jeans. Now that they will probably be made in China, I’m done.

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