by MR Magazine Staff

Like many companies these days, Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont, a men’s neckwear and accessories business founded in 1993, is in the midst of a slight pivot in its business. While continuing to offer its core menswear accessories each season, the brand has also now added items for any gender including 100 percent cotton summer tote bags and 100 percent silk wristlets.

Its debut collection of tote bags includes 15 summer cotton designs, ranging from colorful madras to time-honored seersucker, and retail at $68. Its debut collection of wristlets comes in two sizes, offering 16 designs and retail at $35 and $45.

Like so many of its products, both the tote bags and the wristlets are made in-house by the brand’s dedicated seamstresses in Middlebury, Vermont. “It’s no secret that neckwear and men’s accessories haven’t performed very well in the last year,” explained Beau Ties of Vermont owner Greg Shugar. “And with our successful move into masks, we picked up so many customers who aren’t just bow-tie-wearing men but people of all types who are looking forward to getting out and living again! Whether it’s going to the beach or even just going out to dinner again, we thought the addition of these two bag styles coincides with that new sentiment.”

Shugar credits his talented seamstresses with both ideas. With their workload decreasing, they spent their free time in early 2021 coming up with new ideas for products. “Honestly, they cut and sewed about 20-25 new product ideas and so many were great. But it was their tote bags and wristlets that stood out most,” Shugar explained. “Our seamstresses used rolls of cotton fabric that sat around unused during 2020 and created some gorgeous tote bags and wristlets concepts. Our production staff, not our design staff, built the debut collection themselves! How is cool is that?”

While Shugar added that he’s seeing some life come back in neckwear, the immediate future is still uncertain. So, while Beau Ties of Vermont will continue to be mainly a men’s accessories company, Shugar says to expect more new categories to open up for them in 2021.


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