by Karen Alberg Grossman

Since 1883, Coppley has been making beautiful, well-priced, half-canvas clothing out of their factory in Hamilton Canada. Their claim to fame has long been producing and delivering fine made-to-measure clothing in seven days. But with new management comes a new state-of-the-art factory and a fresh vision that’s already shaking up the clothing business in North America.

Tony Maddox is the recently appointed president of sales for this “Proudly Canadian Made” company, a division of IAG for the past seven years. “Our former factory was in three different locations so the board made a $10 million investment in a fabulous 72,000 square foot factory and another half-million in new equipment and machinery. It’s completed, and we’re now in the process of moving. I no longer have to walk five blocks to the design department!”

Maddox is no stranger to tailored clothing: his career has taken him from Neiman Marcus (where he was the youngest seller on the floor) to Ralph Lauren to The Custom Shop to Stitched in Las Vegas to Norton Ditto in Houston. He understands fabrics, production, custom clothing and menswear retailing as well as anyone out there!

Tony Maddox

Discussing Coppley’s position in the marketplace, Maddox predicts strong growth, even in this precarious market. “We had a 19 percent increase between fall ’19 and spring ’20. We’re opening price in many luxury stores: our off-the-rack retails start at $795 for sportscoats and $1,095 for suits. We’re doing more made-to-measure with more great stores, both branded and private label. And these days, made in North America is a tremendous advantage, ensuring delivery vs. China and Italy.” (Editor’s note: while most of their fabrics are from Italy, Coppley also has its own fabric mill in Chile.)

The design team at Coppley has been doing much updating, offering most styles in three different fits: classic (drop 6), contemporary (drop 7) and trim (drop 8). They also offer three different shoulder options (fully constructed, soft, and unconstructed) and for fall 2020, pants in two new pleated models (a 1/8 inch forward pleat and a quarter-inch reverse pleat). The classic model is available in both peak and notch lapel and their in-stock program comprises seven suits, 15 sportcoats, and 20 trouser options.

Also of note: a diverse workforce in Hamilton means no shortage of talented craftspeople; their 300 workers hail from 32 different nations. Need more reasons to re-visit this newly energized company? Ask three of the past four U.S. presidents, who will surely provide a prestigious product endorsement.


  1. we have been in business for more than 45 years and we be more than happy to have your line in our stores
    6121 W PARK BLVD # C112
    PLANO TEXAS 75093 U S A
    469 609 3027

    1. In Boca Raton FLA where this company has a zero position I believe ,
      declined to sell us. Our store is fabulous, our manager one of the best custom clothier sales person who ran
      Maus & Hoffman’s Palm Beach custom dept . Copley’s new president of sales
      turned us down.
      Our credit is excellent and the store is
      MARCELLO SPORT owned by
      Fashion Concepts , owner of the Marcello brand, sold to hundreds of better specialty stores in America
      Go figure ?

  2. I have been a long time Coppley account and have stayed with them through all the ups and downs (mostly downs). I am delighted to see a person like Tony at the helm who seems to understand the retailer point of view not just bottom line corporate jargon. His taste level is second to none in piece goods and styling… I just hope the powers to be allows him to make the fundamental changes that have been long overdue..

    1. One if the nicest and smartest man I know in our industry. Coppley is a lucky co to have him
      Best of luck.

      1. I have been Copley loyalist and fan for years.Thanks To WARICK Jones and his staff I’ve been well serviced by the brand.I wish you continuous success in your new facility.As Managing Director Of The Steel Standing Memorial Foundation and lifelong fashion industry exec I highly recommend Copleyin there quality excellence.

      2. Tony Maddox is an incredibly gifted man. His passion for textiles and fashion combined with two decades of industry experience is apparent. Amazingly even with these gifts, he exudes humility. I wish Tony and Coppley all the best of success in the future.

  3. Congratulations , Sir!
    I worked at Coppley 20 years ago; it was the best/worst of times… You’ll do well.

  4. Many years , over 45 years ago, the Enkin family sustained many retailers in Canada. The Coppley family , led by Max Enkin who was the foundation of the upper middle end of the tailored clothing business , from their opening price point label known as Country Squire. Many of their competitors fell by the wayside, but in the 1960s to the 1990s , Coppley with its stable of labels were recognized in the industry.

    My involvement was as a competitor from Victoriaville (Rubin Brothers) to Coppley in 1975 .

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